Corporate Finance

ACF’s core competencies are organized with the concept that Corporate Finance (CF) is the meeting point of all internal and external data required to make key strategic, resource procurement and allocation decisions.

Our CF suite of services develops the necessary pathways to achieve corporate objectives.

Typical services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Developing and executing partnership, joint venture, M&A and licensing strategies
  2. Developing national or international corporate structure
  3. Investigating, designing and implementing commercialization strategies
  4. Leading M&A, LBO and spinout transactions
  5. Conducting competitive landscape studies
  6. Modelling financial forecasts and projections
  7. Conducting firm wide resource allocation studies, cost analysis and benchmarking
  8. Developing Teasers, Executive summaries, Confidential Information Memoranda and Business Plans
  9. Obtaining alternative sources of capital (i.e. government, trade & equipment finance)
  10. Procuring debt, equity and project financing
  11. Providing transaction due diligence and related services
  12. Leading post M&A, partnership, joint venture and integration initiatives
  13. Managing public listings on BB, TSX, TSXV, NASDQ, NY and AIM
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